How to 
Dryer Fires

Dryer fires are a common yet preventable household hazard. Each year, these fires account for a significant number of fires in homes, leading to property damage, injury, or even death. Fortunately, with proper maintenance and safe practices, the risk of a dryer fire can be significantly reduced. Here are some essential steps you can take to prevent dryer fires in your home.

Regular Maintenance

Clean the Lint Filter

  • After Every Use: Remove and clean the lint filter to ensure it does not build up and restrict airflow.
  • Wash Occasionally: Wash the lint screen with warm soapy water every few months to remove any residue from fabric softener sheets.

Inspect Venting System

  • Annual Inspection: Check the venting system behind the dryer to ensure it is not damaged or blocked.
  • Proper Material: Use rigid or flexible metal venting material to sustain proper air flow and drying time.

Check the Area Around Dryer

  • Keep It Clear: Maintain a clutter-free area around the dryer. Do not store cleaning products, boxes, or clothing near the dryer.

Safe Operation Practices

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

  • Read Manuals: Always follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions and don’t overload the dryer.

Turn Off When Unattended

  • Supervision is Key: Never leave the dryer running when you leave home or when going to sleep.

Periodic Professional Checks

Service the Dryer

  • Routine Service: Have your dryer inspected and serviced by a professional regularly to ensure it is in good working condition.

Additional Tips

Upgrade Ducts

  • Upgrade Outdated Ducts: Replace plastic or foil accordion-type ducting material with a rigid or semi-rigid metal duct.

Install Detectors

  • Smoke and CO Detectors: Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed and functioning in your home.

Be Aware of Signs

  • Pay Attention to Warning Signs: If it takes longer than usual for clothes to dry, or if the dryer is hot to the touch, this might indicate that lint is obstructing airflow and the dryer may need servicing.


By implementing these safety measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of a dryer fire in your home. Regular maintenance, cautious operation, and awareness of warning signs are simple yet effective strategies for ensuring the safety of your household.

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